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Justin and I have been happily married for 20+ years and I am the mom of 3 amazing kids and we have 2 precious grandbabies.  God is an amazing part of my life and I am passionate about helping people come to know him and we center our business and my life putting God 1st!

My Journey…

I got married in 1993 to my best friend, Justin. Our wedding photographer was “friends and family” because we paid for the majority of the wedding and made wedding photography low on the list. We spent our budget for location, cake (had a fountain under it – it was popular then), dress and all the little details. After developing the film and seeing the memories captured I was crushed. The most important day of my life (other than the birth of our 3 kids) and I had decent photos but one of my biggest regrets was that we didn’t hire a Professional Photographer. There were some photos taken that were OK and I have 4x6s of my wedding photos. I got 1 photo of my dad walking me down the aisle. Of course, lighting wasn’t the greatest, and “back then” it was “film” not digital. Not realizing how precious our wedding photos would mean so much more to me as the years have gone by. Just 7 short years after our marriage I found out my dad had cancer he passed away in 2000. I was crushed. I am the only girl with 5 brothers and I was daddy’s little girl. I immediately went to my “wedding album” (wow that’s a treasure all the photos are yellow now after 20 years) and pulled the 1 photo that means the most to me of my dad walking me down the aisle. It is one of my most treasured photographs because I remember the look he gave me when he saw me in my wedding dress and the smile on his face. Don’t mean for this to be a sad story but it’s my story and I completely believe it’s why I am where I am today.

My 1st wedding I attended as a 2nd photographer and I was hooked. When I saw the bride come down the aisle with her father it was amazing and then the father-daughter dance all I can say is WOW talk about a flood of memories. I shot my 1st wedding n the summer of 2008. When I gave that bride her portraits and her wedding album I was so envious of what she had and how those memories will be cherished just like my wedding memories are.  I love giving a bride the memories that will last a lifetime. I have spent years learning the camera, lighting, angles, Trust us for your amazing wedding day memories, not friends and family.  I believe anyone can be a wedding photographer but at every wedding we are passionate about the memories we produce and offer quality products that will last a lifetime.

Deb Ballard

This is my favorite morning!!!